The environment is the most important issue on our agenda. Our actions and our world are inherently connected.

That's why Outright Music uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all of its products. Our merchandise selection is exclusively printed with 100% organic cotton, made-in-the-USA clothes. Our office utilizes fluorescent light bulbs (not only because of the eco-friendliness, but because it's economically sound).

And when turning off unnecessary lights just won't cut it, or when we have to fly for a meeting, that's when we offset our emissions, making our business 100% greenhouse gas free.

That's right, our business is 100% greenhouse gas free. And, we want you to know, it's very easy and affordable to do all of these things. Whether you are in a band, a freelance artist, work for a corporation, or move and shake in politics, you have a responsibility to leave this wonderful world in better shape than you found it. Make it happen!

eco-friendly links

Nau balances beauty, performance and sustainability into their clothing designs. We love our silky boxers that are made out of corn and our too-cool-for-school jackets made from recycled plastic. Use the promo code "NEW2NAU” that is good for 10% off anything on

Clif Bar
Teddy Presberg accompanied Garett Brennan on his Keep it Simple tour. The tour was sponsored by the town of Alta, UT, and Clif Bar in promotion of its Clif Nectar bars -- organic fruit/nut bars made from less than 6 ingredients. Read the press release here.

The Climate Trust
Our choice for high-quality offsets.

Living Intentions
With live enzymes, raw ingredients, eco-friendly kindness, and vegan love, these are our nuts of choice!