jamie laboz

Jamie Laboz has been a musician since the tender age of 5 and plays guitar, bass, keys and sings.  For close to a decade, he's composed music for Viacom, working on over a dozen popular shows like, Run's House, Wildboyz, Jackass, Fantasy Factory, Nitro Circus, The Salt N Pepa Show, "Doggie Fizzle Televizzle" and many, many more. Jamie's recorded, mixed and mastered over 500 tunes for the programs, then in 2008 released a solo, psychedelic concept-record, The Green Album, which garnered great reviews and steady airplay among psychedelic and space rock fans. His work has been featured in recording publications such as, Tape Op, Electronic Musician and Mix magazines. He's even designed sounds for IK Multimedia software products, built a line of mini-analog synthesizers and is currently the guitarist and singer with southwest, psychedelic, garage, rockers The Modeens. Jamie can compose anything you desire!














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